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1. Who is Lantern League for?

Lantern League is open to any person aged between 8 - 18 years. Individual clubs are always taking on new members, so the age levels can vary. The maximum size of a club is 16 members.

2. How often are the clubs run?

Sessions are 1hr 15 min duration and are held once a fortnight during after school hours. The club will be held at a local community centre, school, event space and even online (via Zoom).

3. What is the commitment?

Your first session of Lantern League is always free. Parents may sit at the back of the room to be part of the awesome audience and see how the club is run. Your child does not have to participate until they feel ready to volunteer for a club role. In order to give your child the best possible experience and to insure continuity we ask that you commit to a minimum of 2 months attendance.

4. What can my child expect from Lantern League?

Your child will join a lively club atmosphere of young people who are all there for the same practice being confident and relating to a live audience.

In Lantern League, the young members run the show! Each session gives your child the chance to volunteer for a club role such as MC, Shine Master or Record Keeper. Speaking and performance roles are short, fun speeches and activities that are designed to be enjoyable and easy to do.

Each session begins with a powerful group practice called Lantern Kung Fu. This fun sequence gives each member an actual experience of locating power, confidence and strength within their body. Every club session uses a repeatable formula which will grow your awareness of personal brilliance and shows members how to search for the brilliance in others.

At the end of each session your child will be coached on how to amplify their stage presence, write a speech and speak with joy. Each experience gently builds upon the last until eventually each member starts to put them self forward in a way that they have only ever dreamed of.

5. How do members progress through Lantern League?

Lantern League non competitive speaking club so you don't have to worry about being judged or graded. But you will be pushed to shine your brightest! Due to the emphasis on positive self talk, shining bright & active listening, members experience feelings of safety, freedom & belonging very quickly in the group.

Success in Lantern League is measured by how strong and bright each member feels whilst presenting their speech, song, performance or poem. There are four levels in Lantern League to progress through:

Level 1: Fire Flies

Level 2: Flames

Level 3: Lanterns

Level 4: Solar Suns

6. Is the club just about public speaking?

Nope. Lantern League is for all aspects of vocal confidence (not just for public speaking).

Members might be also interested in singing, slamming poetry or acting.

Choose to:

SPEAK a speech

SLAM a poem

SING a song

STAGE an act

Members create, write or recite a piece which they pre-prepare and bring to a meeting. If you don't feel like getting up you can sit out and take on other club roles. This way you are still learning how to perform and being surrounded by a bunch of other young people who will inspire you to no end!

7. What is the END OF YEAR FLASH MOB?

Student members of Lantern League have the option to join our Flash Mob team. Once a year, we will prepare a Flash Mob performance of spoken word to be spontaneously performed at a busy public location such as a cafe in your local area (location to be revealed). The event will be filmed and posted to our YouTube channel. Participation is optional. This is a chance for our young members to stand up, be heard, be seen and inspire the world around them.

8. What are the Fee's?

Membership fee's vary from club to club and country to country.

In Australia you can expect to pay $55 for an annual membership fee.

Each fortnightly club session is $18 (payable per term via direct debit)

Book in for your FREE trial session by contacting us here

9. There is no club near me, what can I do?

We have online clubs you can join. They are interactive, engaging and will give you the 21st-century skills you need to host meetings online.

If you are over 18, you can start your own club. Owning your own Lantern League Club is fun, empowering and profitable. Head over to our START A CLUB page to find out how to get a club in your area.

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